Easy Particle System: Add Sprinkles on Ice-Cream in Blender

Learn how to add Particle system, and rotation for the instance object.

In this tutorial, we will use Particle system to add Sprinkles, that will enhance the look of our ice-cream.

We will add Sprinkles using Particle system, for this, we will add a Simple Cylinder and scale it accordingly.

We need to add sprinkles only on top part of the Ice-cream. Not every part, to prevent this, we will assign Vertex Group to the faces or Vertices where we want to add Sprinkles.

We can also do this using Geometry Nodes learn more how to add sprinkles using Geometry Nodes in blender.

Making the Vertex Group

Go to Data tab in the Properties panel on the right side.

  1. Select the vertices, where you want the sprinkles.
  2. Add a Vertex Group using the + button.
  3. Assign the vertices to that group.

Make a Particle System

We will now add sprinkles on top of the ice-cream.

  • Go to Particles tab.
  • Add a Particle System.
  • Enable the Advanced option, by doing this, we can change the rotation of the particles.
  • Change the Number.

Instance as Object in Particle System

We do not want the hair, we want the sprinkles to render. To do this, under Render option, change Render As to Object. Under the Object, change the Instance Object to the Sprinkle.

Vertex Group for Placing Instances

But right now, the sprinkles are appearing anywhere on the ice-cream mesh, but we only want the sprinkles on the vertex group we made earlier. In the Vertex Groups in Particles tab, change the Density vertex group to the one we assigned earlier, in this case “top”.

Right now, our vertices, are aligned in a very similar manner, this looks fake. To solve this problem, we will add Rotation to the sprinkles.

Enable the Rotation option in Particles tab:

  • Change the Orientation to Normal-Tangent, this will make sprinkles to lie along the mesh.
  • Randomize the rotation to enhance the sprinkles.

Summary of Modeling the Ice-cream. Detailed tutorials are as follows.

  1. Model the Cone.
  2. Make Ice-Cream with Swirls.
  3. Add Sprinkles on Ice-cream.
  4. Adding Materials.
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