Filter using Slicer in Excel

Using Slicers, we can filter data with a single click.

What are Slicers?

.Slicers are used to filter from a table, so we can see relevant data only. Moreover, we can see which data is being filtered and what is being shown.

How they are used?

Slicers can be used on Tables or PivotTables. We have discussed the whole procedure on our website.

Slicer for PivotTable

For a PivotTable, we add Slicer from the PivotTable Analyze tab.

Slicer for Standard Table

For a Standard Table, we add Slicer from the Filters section Insert tab .

Using Slicer

For filtering, we select the parameters in Slicer.

Multiple Selection

You may select multiple parameters in  Slicer.

Clear Filter

You can Clear Filters changing the Slicer to its original state.