Easy Blender Tutorial: Add Materials for Ice-cream

Beginner Blender tutorial for learning how materials are applied Models.

In this tutorial, we will basically add materials to the Ice-Cream and Sprinkles.

This is the continuation of the the previous tutorial, however, this is also helpful for absolute beginners.

For shading, the ice-cream, we will use two materials:

  • Base material for ice-cream, such as vanilla or cream.
  • Chocolate for twists of ice-cream on top.

First, apply the base material, remember to change the Specular and Roughness.

For the second material, Select the faces, add another material and assign the material to the selected vertices.

Random colors using Color Ramp

For the sprinkles, we use a single material, or we can have multiple colors via Shader Editor.

Add Object Info node and Color Ramp node, connect Random output of Object Info to the Fac of Color Ramp.

  • Add different colors in Color Ramp.
  • The Color Ramp must be connected to Base Color of the Principled BSDF.

Shading the Background

For the Shading of the world, In the Shader Editor, change Editor from Object to World. By doing this, we will now be able to change the Environment.

For this tutorial, I have used:

  • One Mix Shader.
  • Two Background Shader, one for influence of light and the other for the background color.
  • Light path’s Is Camera Ray output in the Fac input of Mix Shader. This separates two shader in a way that one shader affects the environment and the other for background color.

For the Lighting, I have used three Area Lights:

  1. Main Area Light, that focuses on the object.
  2. Two Side Area Lights, for side lighting, you can change the color for a different theme, in this color is same for all Lights.

Summary of Modeling the Ice-cream. Detailed tutorials are as follows.

  1. Model the Cone.
  2. Make Ice-Cream with Swirls.
  3. Add Sprinkles on Ice-cream.
  4. Adding Materials.
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