Blender tutorial: How to move camera

Move camera using Translation, walk mode or other methods in Blender.

We will learn how we can move camera in Blender, which tools should we use, and how we can easily move camera in Blender.

There are many ways we can move Camera in Blender:

Watch the youtube video or the detailed tutorial:

For this tutorial, we will use Camera to focus on Ice-cream cones.

Move camera using Translate tool

Camera can be moved by simply using Translate tool or you can use shortcut key: When camera is selected, press G key to translate it.

Shortcut key to move Camera

While selecting the camera, press G key to move, and then press X,Y or Z key to move in a particular axis.

Move Camera to view

This will move the camera to the viewport position which the user is seeing. Simply, move around the 3D view, and press CTRL+ALT+NUMPAD 0, where you want the camera.

The following image shows how the camera has switched to the viewport.

Move Camera to a precise location

Camera can be moved to a precise location. Select the camera and press N key to open the Transform menu. Change the location parameters of the camera for precise location.

Walk mode in Blender

We can use WASD keys to move the camera. Learn more:

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