Make Low Poly Mountains in Blender

Make Low Poly Mountains, using plane and using Proportional Editing.

In this tutorial, we will make Low Poly Mountains, we will use Proportional Editing and Decimate modifier to make it look low poly. Blender 3.4 is used.

Time-lapse video of the TUTORIAL SERIES:

This is the third part of the tutorial series:

We will once more use a primitive shape, in this case, a plane to make mountains. Subdivide the mesh and then use Proportional Editing to make low mountains.

Add a plane to the scene.

With other objects in the scene, it can make difficult to focus on a single object. To focus on a specific object, select the object and press / key. All the other objects will hide except the selected one.

Subdividing the plane for more faces.

In the Edit mode, select the plane, press the Right Mouse Button to Vertex Context Menu and click Subdivide.

Change the Number of Cuts to 20, as we want to have plane with a lot of faces.

To make the mountains, we will manipulate the vertices of the mesh, in this case, we will use the Translate tool, to move the vertices up using Proportional Editing. Proportional Editing can be enabled by pressing O key.

Using Proportional Editing for the shape of mountains.

Select the vertices and move them by pressing G key or using Translate tool.

By manipulating the vertices, and using different interpolations for Proportional Editing, we can make Low Poly Mountains.

Adding Modifiers to make the mesh look low poly.

Same as we made low poly mountain, we will apply the same three modifies for making low poly mountains.

  • Subdivision Surface.
  • Triangulate for making every face tri.
  • Decimate to decrease the poly count of the model.

We do not need to use the Subdivision Surface necessarily, because the model can be decimated without it, Subdivision is used, because in many cases, it brings out a better result.

Similarly, you can add more mountains. Assign a material to the mountains.

In the next part, we will learn, how we can make low poly props like Clouds and trees.

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