Fixed Stretched UVs due to Scaling problem

Fixed UVs which maybe along a single axis can make the texture look stretched along a single direction.

A 3D model can be seen that it has been stretched in a particular direction, rather than its usual distorted UVs, this problem may occur if the scaling of the model itself is not correct. Blender 3.3.1 is used.

This is the second part of the tutorial series, where we UV unwrap and UV map a ketchup bottle:

If the Scale of the Model is not (1,1,1), these types of problems can occur. Select the model, in the Object mode, and press N key to check if the model has a scale of 1.

To fix this, first, we apply the Scale, go to Object mode by pressing Tab key.

In the 3D viewport, press N key and you can see the menu where it shows the Scale of the model is not 1.

Select the model, press Ctrl + A, click Scale in the Apply menu. The scale of our model is now (1,1,1)

Now go to Edit mode, and UV unwrap the model again.

We can now see that the model is properly UV unwrapped.

In the next step, we will UV map the model, we will make a 2D texture for it and apply on it.

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