How to make a sword in Blender

We are going to model a medieval sword, we will use mirror modifier. We will model it in two parts, grip and blade. First, we will model the basic mesh and use subdivision surface. Finally, we will use Edge loops for final tweaking.

Offset Edge Loop Cut tools

We need to make the end point of the sword smooth. This can be done using Offset Edge Loop Cut.

Select the Offset Edge Loop Cut from left toolbar. It adds loop cut on either side.

This will how it will look like.

Press Right Mouse Button, Object Context Menu will appear, click Shade Smooth.

This will smoothen our mesh even more.

Removing the visible seam line after shading smooth

You may notice a seam in between the sword. This is due the presence of mesh between them.

This seam is present due to the mesh present inside, when we applied mirror modifier, it did not remove that mesh, hence it is the mesh basic mesh shape, we made at the beginning.

Turn on the X-ray mode by pressing Alt+Z key.

Go to the side view of the Blade using the coordinate gizmo. Press 3 for face selection.

Select any face in the middle, press Shift+G, a Select Similar menu will appear, click Coplanar.

Coplanar faces are along the same surface.

Press X and then select Faces.

The seam is now removed.

Go to Object Mode by pressing Tab key.

Adding Materials

You can apply materials, by going into Material Properties. and adding materials.


Click Render > Render image to render the image.

Final Render

The final version may look like this.

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