Earthquake animation in Blender

Using the Wave modifier, we can displace the mesh.

Add a plane

A subdivided plane will be used on which the earthquake effect will be seen.

Add a Texture

This texture will be used for displacement of vertices

Adding Displace Modifier

Displace modifier displaces the mesh based on a texture.

Adjusting Strength

We can adjust the strength of the modifier, to make our mesh better.

Weight Painting

For the earthquake to seem more natural, some parts will be affected more than other using Weight painting.

Wave Modifier

To add Ripple like effects, we use Wave modifier.

Adding Props

We can add props like trees in the scene to enhance it.

Adding Particle system

We add particle system to make a lot of copies of the tree.

Configuring Particle System

We will need to particle system for our props for correct orientation and scale.

Render the Scene